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Get Back Full Use of Your Yard

Get Back Full Use of Your Yard

Schedule stump grinding service in Beaverton, Portland, OR or surrounding areas

Once your trees are cut down, you're left with a lot of ugly stumps. Take back your yard by scheduling stump grinding service from Peter's Tree Service LLC. We offer stump grinding and stump removal services in Beaverton, Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

We'll grind stumps six to 12 below ground and fill the holes with soil to give you a clear landscape. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

What to expect with a stump removal

Our stump removal team will take care of your job efficiently. We'll:

  • Assess the width and depth of the stump
  • Turn the stump and roots into wood chippings
  • Avoid damaging underground utilities and sprinklers

We can also chase the roots to make sure they're all taken care of. Contact our team today to get a stump grinding quote.